Jim in the Hoh Rain Forest

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About Me

     Although I have had a successful career in commercial real estate, my real passion is to "explore beautiful places." Since there is a lot of the world I've yet to explore, stay tuned!

     Born and raised in Seattle, I spent years climbing the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, skiing, flying my airplane, and exploring. A move to Alaska opened up more possibilities , and I got hooked on dogs, competing in the Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race in 1990, taking my dog team 1,100 miles from Anchorage to Nome. My favorite place in Alaska is Wonder Lake in Denali National Park, and I was fortunate to spend many days over 23 years exploring the park.

     A recent move back to the Pacific Northwest and the Olympic Peninsula has allowed me access to an entirely different environment;  I have only just begun to explore and photograph the area. Having an 18 year old grandson allows me to see the world through his eyes. Teaching him to experience the world through a camera lens is my joy.

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     My travels with my wife, Jo, have taken us to Europe, Africa, China, Tibet , Ecuador and Galapagos, New Zealand, and throughout the United States. In looking at the world map, we realize that we've only just begun.